Trumpcare Could Be Doomed As 7 Senate Republicans Are Reported To Be No Votes

There is a report that seven current Senate Republicans are no votes on the secret health care bill, while three others are undecided.

Topher Spiro of the Center For American Progress tweeted:

This list can be broken down into those who find the bill too mean, and those who don’t believe that it is mean enough. Collins, Capito, and Murkowski are all on record as opposing cuts to Medicaid. Paul, Cruz, and Lee all want a health care bill contains even more cuts. Sasse could fall into either category, so his reason for being a no vote is unknown. The undecideds included two Senators from states whose governors oppose the Medicaid cuts (Heller and Portman), but Bill Cassidy of Louisana has shown signs of supporting the secret Republican bill.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to hold a vote next Thursday on the passage of the legislation, but there is no firm indication as of right now that he has the votes needed to be successful. Some of these Senators, maybe all of them are trying to negotiate either for a better deal or a side deal for their states, so these nos are not solid no votes.

The encouraging omen for everyone outside of the 17%-23% who support this bill is that the passage of Trumpcare through the Senate is far from a done deal. If your Senator is one of the no or undecided votes listed above, get on the phone and make your voice heard, because the fight for healthcare has just begun.