The Congressional Black Caucus Shreds Trump While Declining His Invite To The White House

The Congressional Black Caucus didn’t just decline Trump’s invitation to the White House. They also shredded Trump for his policies.

The CBC wrote a detailed letter explaining why they declined Trump’s invitatation:

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The Congressional Black Caucus made it clear that the decision to decline Trump’s invitation was based on concerns over policies that his administration has adopted, and the Trump administration’s decision to ignore that eight letters that the CBC has sent them since the President took office.

Trump can’t ignore the CBC then expect them to show up at the White House for a photo-op when he needs a presidential pick me up.

Donald Trump is in the big leagues now. Other people in Washington, D.C. have power too. There will be consequences for each decision that this president makes. If he adopts policies that target and harm certain groups of Americans, he shouldn’t be surprised when the people who advocate most strongly on those issues want nothing to do with him. The Congressional Black Caucus did leave the door open for future discussions and meetings, but they also tore this administration apart in a way that has been seen since Trump took office.

Trump’s scandals and tweets dominate, but his policies are also a major problem, and if he wants to expand his presidency beyond his narrow and shrinking base, Donald Trump needs to learn that policies matter more than invitations and photo-ops.