Republicans Are Preparing For Defeat By Trying To Distance Trump From Trumpcare

Republicans are trying to insulate Donald Trump from the potential failure of the health care bill in the Senate by keeping the President far away from the legislation.

CNN reported:
But White House top aides also see the distance as a way to inoculate Trump from considerable blame if the bill fails, a nod to the President’s low approval rating and waning political capital.

“No one knows the Senate better than McConnell,” one White House official said when asked about Trump’s involvement, an acknowledgment that he is taking the lead.
A Republican Senate aide agreed.

“This is a leadership bill, sink or swim. All credit and all blame stays in the Senate,” the aide said, adding this political reality: “This gives the President cover, in a sense, if it fails.”

Check out Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discussing Trumpcare:

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Part of the reason why Republicans are keeping Trump away from the health care bill is that he will say or do something to screw it up, but from the White House point of view, if this bill crashes and burns, the failure will be on Mitch McConnell.

Democrats are close to defeating Trumpcare, and the fact that the White House is taking steps to distance the President from this potential stinkbomb is the reason why Democrats need to turn up the heat and kill this bill.