Trump Says He Has ‘Unified’ America And Takes Credit For The Obama Economy At Fact-Free Rally

Taking a break from posting irresponsible tweets and obstructing a criminal investigation, Donald Trump hit the road for yet another campaign rally on Wednesday, this time in Iowa – his first trip to the state since being sworn in earlier this year, and boy was it a doozy.

Though Trump largely stuck to his teleprompter, even when faced with protesters, his scripted remarks show he’s living in a fantasy world.

At one point – immediately after being interrupted by what were reported to be two dozen demonstrators – Trump claimed the country is more “unified” than ever under his presidency


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Not only are the critics of this president passionate, but they are many. If there is some unity in this country, it is in opposition to Trump as his approval ratings continue to sink deeper into oblivion.

But Trump’s delusional rhetoric didn’t end there. At one point in the speech, he took credit for the economy he inherited from former President Barack Obama, touting jobs numbers and a strong stock market.


Trump said, “You see it happening, you see what’s going on. Jobs are just about the best they’ve ever been. We’ve created almost $4 trillion in wealth. If you look at your stock values and you look at what’s going on with our country, but we’ve created tremendous wealth. The enthusiasm and spirit on every single index is higher than it’s ever been before for our manufacturers and for our companies.”

Those in the crowd ate it up, but the vast majority of Americans won’t.

This is the guy, after all, who railed against Obama – who left office riding a 76-month streak of job growth – for more than a year during the campaign. Now, after having been in office for less than six months, he’s claiming things are better than ever – and, oh, he deserves the credit for it.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works, Mr. Trump.

At the end of the day, this president can continue to hold campaign rallies and convince himself that those who show up actually represent the vast majority of the country, but they don’t.

In the real world, Trump faces dire approval ratings, an ongoing criminal investigation, and a stalled and deeply unpopular policy agenda, regardless of how many campaign events he adds to his schedule.

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