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Trump Claims Russia Scandal Is A Democratic Hoax (Just Like Climate Change)

After blaming Obama for the Russian election interference, Trump then claimed that the election interference was a Democratic hoax, which means that Trump now believes that climate change and the Russia scandal aren’t real.

Trump tweeted:

This tweet came right after Trump tweeted that the Russia election interference was all Obama’s fault because he should have stopped the Russians.

The Russia scandal can’t be both President Obama fault and a hoax. What Trump is doing is throwing a barrage of accusations and conspiracies into social media to damage the scandal. Trump has now placed the Russia scandal, which is the focus of at least four different investigations in the same category that he holds climate change.

In 2012, Trump claimed climate change was a Chinese hoax. Now that Trump is under criminal investigation, the Russia scandal is a Democratic hoax.

Trump’s tweet on climate change:

There is an undeniable pattern at work. When Donald Trump doesn’t want to face reality, he calls facts conspiracies or hoaxes. Trump isn’t helping his own cause. With each tweet, the President is undercutting his own legal team and marching himself towards impeachment.

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