All Hell Breaks Loose On Healthcare As Pence Allied PAC Launches Massive Ad Attack On Dean Heller

The super PAC that Vice President Mike Pence is allied with is getting ready to launch a seven-figure attack ad buy on Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada.

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times tweeted:

Sen. Heller confirmed that he is a Republican no vote on the health care bill, which means that the army of Trump and Pence super PACs are now going to come after him. The healthcare issue in the hands of an unstable and vindictive Trump administration is tearing the Republican Party apart.

The fact that a PAC that a sitting Vice President is allied with is going to attack a vulnerable incumbent member of their own party who is up for reelection next year because he won’t support a health care bill that is bad for the people of his state shows where the Republican Party is right now.

Trump and Pence’s friends are trying to make an example out of Heller to keep other Republicans in line. The White House and company aren’t showing leadership. They are using threats and gangland style intimidation tactics to scare members of their own party into line.

The scheme is likely to backfire and tear the Republican Party apart. All hell is breaking loose on the health care issue, and instead of being a win for Trump, it is sowing the seeds for the demise of the GOP.

Editor’s Note: Story updated to reflect that Pence didn’t raise money for the PAC.

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