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As Russia Scandal Slowly Drowns Him, Trump Tantrums Over Getting No Democratic Help

Donald Trump’s presidency has been taking on water from day one thanks to the Russia scandal, but the President is choosing to obsess over the fact that Democrats won’t participate in his unpopular agenda.

In a sad dispatch from a far off world without reality, Trump tweeted:

Trump has zero major legislative accomplishments.

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Here is a breakdown of what types of bills Trump has signed from NPR:

As you can see, Trump has signed nothing of consequence. Most of his bill signing have been related to rolling back Obama-era rules and regulations and modifying existing policies. Trump has done the basic bare minimum that a president can do.

He should be blaming the Republican majority in Congress being so unable to govern that they can’t get any substantive legislation passed and to his desk, but instead of leading his own party, Trump tantrums about Democrats not showing him enough love. The problem isn’t that Democrats won’t work with Trump. The issue is that Trump isn’t seriously reaching out, or including Democrats on anything.

Republicans have decided to do everything on their own. They aren’t going to compromise, or move to the middle, so Trump’s blaming of Democrats for not helping him is a fantasy. It is impossible for Democrats to help when they haven’t been invited to sit down at the table.

Trump is being consumed by the Russia scandal, but what he is choosing to rant about is an imaginary Democratic obstruction that he views as a personal rejection.

The supply of denial and delusion appears to be endless with this president.

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