Trumpcare Die Ins Flood Senate Republicans Nationwide As Patriotic Americans Fight Back


Patriotic Americans are fighting back. All across the country, people are protesting Trumpcare and holding “die-ins” to demonstrate the result of the horrific Republican bill that will not only “repeal” Obamacare, but go back to times darker than before Obamacare in terms of healthcare.

Senator Mitch McConnell created a panel of 13 men, none of whom seem to be familiar or in touch with real Americans and their healthcare needs, to craft this bill in secret. No women participated. It is scheduled for a vote before the July 4th recess, even though the CBO hasn’t even scored it yet and Republicans are only granting 20 hours of floor debate even though Obamcare had 270 hours of debate in the Senate.

Many people will die as a result of the Senate Republican bill if it’s passed. People could reach their lifetime cap in the middle of chemo. A pregnant woman and her baby could die as she’s giving birth because pregnancy isn’t be covered. Our veterans won’t be able to get the care they earned.


Here’s a round up of people fighting back:

In central Arkansas, IndivisibleCnAR leader Terrie Root’s story:






Kansas City, MO:

A West Virginia Now This video from footage shot by Mark Dasher of WV Indivisible that is heartbreaking:




D.C., where they arrested protesters in wheelchairs because apparently our Republican lawmakers are snowflakes who can’t handle free speech:

A vigil:

In New York, cheering on Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer’s resistance to Trumpcare:

This is what your country is doing when faced with great challenge.

The people are standing up, speaking out, protesting, making their voices heard. They will not go down quietly.

Trumpcare is set to kill millions of Americans. It is a death sentence Republicans want to pass so they can give a rich person a tax cut.

Understand, it’s not that we don’t have the money or that Obamacare isn’t working. It’s working for all of these people. It could be improved even more.

No, we have the money. Republicans think someone like Donald Trump who has houses all over the world needs to save a few more dollars on their taxes and that is worth the lives of your children, our veterans, our elderly, our people with disabilities, our pregnant women, our babies.

All of the vulnerable people, that’s who will be hurt so that Republicans can give a rich person a tax cut.

This is the opposite of what Jesus taught, and yet these lawmakers claim to be Christians.