Bernie Sanders Rips The Heart Out Of Trumpcare In 40 Amazing Seconds

At a Protect Our Care rally in Pittsburgh, PA, Sen. Bernie Sanders laid waste to Trumpcare in just 40 seconds by talking about what it will do to children with disabilities.


Sanders said, “Nearly seventy-five percent of children with special health care needs live in low or middle-income families. What happens to these children and their families if they lose Medicaid coverage? What kind of country are we if anyone can come before you and talk about cutting health care for children with disabilities in order to give tax breaks to the richest people on Earth?”

Sen. Sanders point is exactly why Republicans will lose the war for the future of healthcare even if they win a battle in the Senate this week. Republicans are setting themselves up for ultimate failure. The American people are not on their side on this issue, and they are going to push back hard if this bill ever becomes law.

Bernie Sanders showed why Republicans are screwed, and the more they try to tinker with this bill to win the support of people like Ted Cruz, the faster they are sowing the seeds of their own demise. Sanders destroyed the morality behind this legislation in less than a minute, and even if you gave Republicans a year, they couldn’t come up with a good defense.

Mitch McConnell may pass his health care bill, but Democrats and the left and going to win this war.