GOP Rep Says He’s Fine With More People Dying Under Trumpcare As Long As It Saves Money


New York GOP Rep. Tom Reed said on Saturday it doesn’t bother him too much that 20,000 more Americans will die under the Republican health care plan as long as less money is going into Medicaid.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid told the congressman that his support of the disastrous GOP health care legislation essentially shows that he cares more about tax cuts than helping the sick.



Reid cited a Center for American Progress analysis that showed the Republican health plan will lead to as many as 27,700 more deaths, and the GOP congressman was unmoved.

“What I’m saying is we need to make the program sustainable, and what you have to do is change the way we do Medicaid … not expand the service,” the GOP congressman said.

The MSNBC host shot back, saying that the Republicans should just admit what this is really about – that the GOP doesn’t have any interest in making the system better; they just want to drain it of its funding.


“The plain fact here is that this is not about Medicaid reform,” Reid said. “You, sir, believe that Medicaid should just receive less money and that it shouldn’t be getting its money … from taxpayers.”

As the MSNBC noted, for Republicans this is about cutting billions of dollars from a program that helps the most vulnerable people in American society and redistributing that money in the form of a massive tax cut for the wealthy.

As a result, thousands of Americans will die because they won’t have access to the care they need.

The Republican Party is fine with that, though, because it will allow them to save enough money to give a giant handout to the wealthiest Americans.