After Blaming Obama Failed, Trump Blames Hillary Clinton For The Russia Scandal

President Trump tried to push his own possible collusion with Russia scandal onto Hillary Clinton Sunday morning since the blame Obama tactic failed to stick.

Now the President is whining about why Clinton got to “collude” with the Democratic Party, which implies that he is wondering why she gets to do this and he can’t collude with Russia.

Here’s your Sunday morning worship via spread more big lies from President Trump:

To collude is to “come to a secret understanding for a harmful purpose; conspire,” which is not what Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party did in the primary. It might be unethical to share questions from a debate- and it got Donna Brazile fired from CNN- but it is not a criminal act. Collusion with a hostile foreign power that is attacking the U.S. is not the same thing as a leader of a party making a stupid decision to help someone who didn’t need that help in the first place.

Even though it didn’t seem fair to many people, a Party is allowed to have a favorite. Having a favorite is not the same as pushing fake news about the other candidate, hacking the other party’s emails, spreading those emails all around the world, and hacking into the election system.

Those are just a few of the things the Russians did to attack our “fair, democratic” elections.

Trump is pretending that he doesn’t understand what could be so wrong with colluding with a hostile foreign power to win an election, so he conflated Russia with the Democratic Party, which is doubly odd because the Democratic Party is the only party that is showing any care that our country is under attack from an aggressive foreign power.

Colluding with Russia isn’t a thing that everyone gets to do, and as President, Donald Trump should know this.

Trump is tossing red meat to his base, giving them another false bone to chew on and get resentful over, as if they needed to be more deluded than they already are.

Republicans are quick to call Democrats out when they need to take a stand to set their base right; but we won’t see any elected Republican call out Donald Trump’s delusions. Instead of being a check on his power, Republicans are serving to enable this unfit President.