MSNBC Is Growing 3 Times Faster Than Fox News As Americans Wake Up And Take Their Country Back

As the American people get more engaged and look for factual news and information, they are increasingly turning to MSNBC as the Rachel Maddow led network is growing three times faster in total viewers than Fox News in primetime.

Here are the numbers via a statement from MSNBC to PoliticusUSA, “In weekday prime, MSNBC beat CNN in total viewers for the 5th straight quarter and ranked #2 among all cable networks. MSNBC prime finished the quarter with 2.1 million viewers, a record for MSNBC and besting CNN’s highest quarter ever -1.9 million viewers in 4Q08. This is MSNBC’s highest cable news universe share ever and the 1st time it delivered more than 2 million viewers. MSNBC has added more viewers in weekday prime than any other cable network in the past year – 1 million, nearly tripling the #2 network in growth – FOX News.”

This could be called a Trump Effect. As the President has cozied up to Fox News while his administration is mired in the Russia scandal, MSNBC has delivered news based coverage with a primetime lineup that has focused on the many scandals of the current White House. The MSNBC growth can also be viewed as part of the public backlash against the Trump administration. Trump’s victory energized a part of the country that had been disengaged since President Obama won reelection in 2012.

As Americans understand the stakes, they are turning increasingly to MSNBC to get informed. Trump and the loss of Bill O’Reilly to a long overdue firing have limited Fox’s upside. Trump has become an anchor around the formerly dominant cable news leader. The lower his approval ratings sink, the more limited the growth potential becomes for Fox News.

MSNBC is giving more attention to the stories that cable news viewers increasingly want to see.

Americans want their country back, and they are turning on MSNBC to get informed about what’s going on.