Republicans Change Healthcare Bill To Mandate People Buy Their Terrible Insurance

Senate Republicans changed their health care bill on Monday to force people to maintain their Trumpcare coverage or face a penalty of having to go without coverage for six months.

Here is the change in the “Better Care Act:”

After years of complaining about people being forced to buy Obamacare, Republicans are now going to force people to buy their lousy healthcare coverage that doesn’t cover anything, because insurance companies pointed out to them that if people were not forced to buy insurance, they wouldn’t purchase it until they needed it.

The fact that staffs of the 13 Republican white men putting this bill together never thought of this illustrate how poorly conceived and rushed this legislation is. Republicans are going to basically force people to purchase health insurance that is more expensive and covers less than current plans.

Trumpcare is a bad idea that keeps getting worse with each passing day. As if taking healthcare away from 23 million people wasn’t bad enough, Senate Republicans are now going to force people to buy and maintain health insurance that will not meet their needs.

The individual mandate is back. The only difference being that it is now called a six-month penalty.