Senate Trumpcare Just As Mean As The House As 22 Million To Lose Health Insurance

The CBO score is in for the Senate health care bill and the results are not good for the American people as 22 million Americans would lose their coverage under Trumpcare.

Here is the very bad headline for the GOP:

The CBO found that 15 million Americans would lose their health insurance in 2018. When Republicans said that no one would lose their coverage right away, they were lying. 15 million Americans are going to lose coverage next year. The legislation would lower the deficit by $321 billion over the next decade, but that money will be put into more tax cuts for the wealthy.

There is a reason why this legislation was drafted in secret. It is a terrible bill that is going to immediately harm tens of millions of Americans as soon as it is implemented. Whether it is the Senate bill or the House bill, the message is the same. Trumpcare is a terrible deal for the American people.