Sherrod Brown Dismantles Cowardly GOP For Ignoring Widespread Opposition To Trumpcare

Donald Trump may have carried Ohio in last year’s presidential election, but the state’s Democratic senator, Sherrod Brown, says Buckeye State voters are outraged about GOP effort to take health insurance away from millions of Americans.

So outraged, in fact, that the Ohio Democrats says his office was flooded with hundreds of calls opposing the Senate health plan, while only one called offered their support.

Brown said if Republicans weren’t so afraid of listening to the public, they would see how deeply unpopular this legislation is.


Brown said:

They’ve been saying repeal and replace for so many years, it’s become a mantra to them. The House did it, what, 55 times, something like that. … The human mind can convince itself of what it wants. I don’t think many House and Senate members are getting out and listening to the public. Lincoln used to say he wants to go out and get his public opinion baths. The party of Lincoln hasn’t learned much from Lincoln going out and listening to voters. … There’s overwhelming opposition to this. The young man that works the phones in my office said he got one call today in support of the repeal and literally hundred against. We’re seeing that all over the country. 

As the Ohio Democrat pointed out, the widespread opposition is flooding into Senate offices all across this country, even in places like the Buckeye State, where Trump successfully fooled enough voters in last year’s campaign.

But as Trump and Republicans show that their agenda consists of the same old policies that help only the wealthiest and healthiest at the expense of everybody else, more voters of all political stripes are realizing that this president and his GOP allies in Congress are not on the side of regular Americans.

Red state or blue, Democrats are not afraid to speak out against this disastrous piece of legislation because they are listening to the American public – all while Republicans cower behind closed doors hoping this all blows over.