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Chris Murphy Slams Trumpcare As A ‘Rotting Fish’ That Will Become More And More Unpopular

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy likened the latest version of Trumpcare to a “rotting fish” on Tuesday, saying the delayed vote will only hurt its chances because the longer the legislation is out there, the more the American people will dislike it.

Murphy said today’s decision by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is an absolute GOP “nightmare” for Republicans.


Murphy said:

This was Mitch McConnell’s nightmare. He did not want this bill to go a day beyond Friday of this week because it’s like a rotting fish. The longer that it’s out there the more it’s going to stink. People are going to figure out what they’re trying to do to the country, and it’s not going to be easier to pass this bill when they get back; it’s going to be harder. … The American public are going to have a few more days to figure out what this is. It’s only going to get less popular. 

Despite the fact that the American people are united in their opposition to Trumpcare, Murphy also added that McConnell and Republicans will use their “slush fund” to try to ram through the legislation.

Just because the vast majority of the American people are opposed to it, doesn’t mean the GOP will suddenly roll over and give up. After all, much of what Trump and the Republicans have done this year have been opposed by the American people, whether it was abandoning environmental protections, weakening Wall Street regulations, loosening gun laws, among other things.

That’s why Murphy and Democratic leaders didn’t spend the day taking a victory lap. Instead, they urged the American people to continue to voice their opposition to the GOP attack on health care in this country.

Trumpcare may be a rotting fish, but it’s not dead yet.

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