CNN Kneecaps A Trump Lie With A Brutally Blunt Fact Check

Donald Trump got hit hard by the CNN PR department after he falsely claimed that the network’s ratings were down.

Trump tweeted:

CNN replied:

The use of the word facts was a nice touch by the CNN PR department. What a nice way to call Trump a liar without having to use the word lie.

Trump thinks CNN’s ratings are down because they say bad things (facts) about Trump, so T as Trump calls himself now thinks that their ratings are down because according to Donald Trump, everyone loves him.

As has been proven time and time again, when Trump tweets, he is making things up. Trump invented tapes of his conversations with James Comey. Trump claimed that President Obama spied on him, and invented millions of people at his inauguration.

The President Of The United States gets on social media on a daily basis and lies to the American people.

CNN wasn’t playing games with Trump, and more public figures/media outlets/anyone else Trump attacks would be wise to do the same.

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