A Desperate Fox News Makes The Worst Argument Ever For The GOP Healthcare Bill

The Fox News argument for the Republican health care bill is that we’re all going to die anyway, so who needs healthcare?

Video via Media Matters:

Kennedy said on one of the roughly 6 billion Fox News panel shows ( The Fox News Specialists), “You know what the crazy thing is? We’re all going to die. And they can’t predict — there’s no way unless they are absolutely psychic and have a party line to heaven, they don’t know who’s going to die or when or how many people.”

We all should just go with the flow on this healthcare thing. We’re all going to die anyway, so who cares if it is in 6 months instead of 60 years because you don’t have health insurance? If God wanted you to live, he would have made sure that you had better coverage.

The argument being spread by Fox could be the worst argument that one will ever hear in favor of a healthcare bill in history. Republicans are basically arguing that death panels are cool and that we should embrace the death panel because your lack of health insurance paid for another tax cut to a billionaire.

If this is the best argument that Fox News can make for the healthcare bill, they should quit now. With segments like this, it is easy to understand why MSNBC is on the verge of becoming the number one cable network.

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