Trump’s Reaction To One Retracted CNN Story Is A Troubling Sign Of Mental Illness

Donald Trump is proclaiming all stories about the Russia scandal fake after one CNN story about a person who was joining his administration’s ties to a Russian investment fund was found to be false, and three journalists resigned.

Trump tweeted:

Here are the facts. Three members of CNN’s investigative unit resigned after they published a story that claimed Trump transition team member Anthony Scaramucci had ties to a Russian investment fund. CNN found that the journalists did follow proper reporting standards by using only one anonymous source and no fact checkers. The story was retracted.

The President Of The United States is currently under federal investigation for obstruction of justice related to the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. The President’s campaign is also under investigation for potential collusion with Russia during the election.

The CNN story has nothing to do with what Trump is under investigation for. Like a potential person struggling with mental health issues, Donald Trump has taken an unrelated event and exaggerated it to exonerate himself.

The Russia stories aren’t “fake.” The investigation is not a conspiracy against him, but what is true is that the President appears to be unwell.

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