White House Refuses To Take Questions From CNN At Blacked Out Briefings As Censorship Worsens

The censoring of the free press is getting worse as the Trump White House has been dodging and refusing to answer questions from CNN during the blacked out White House briefings.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted:

In case anyone needs a reminder, the press restrictions are only going to get worse under Trump not better. The White House Correspondents Association is not going to be able to negotiate a better working environment and the briefings back on camera because this administration is all about suppression of the media.

The more scandal-plagued this administration becomes, the tighter the press restrictions get. This White House doesn’t believe that it should be held accountable. It doesn’t believe in press freedom.

The only way conditions are going to change is if reporters stop normalizing what the administration is doing. Acosta is fighting the good fight, but he could use some backup from reporters and organizations who are afraid that speaking out will lead to a loss of White House access.

(Photo: Jim Acosta via Twitter)