Number Of Fake Time Covers Found At Trump Golf Clubs Doubles To 8

More fake Time Magazine covers are being found at Trump golf clubs as the presidential fake news epidemic has grown from four covers to eight.

David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post tweeted his updated list of places where fake Trump Time covers have been found:

On Tuesday, Time Magazine requested that the Trump Organization remove the fake covers, but as of publication, there is no evidence that the covers have been taken down.

Trump world is a place where the President’s self-created mythology goes beyond his words and tweets. Trump is so desperate for publicity and acclaim that he has spent years spreading fake news about himself. The disturbing pattern of the Trump cult of praise has extended into this president’s administration. Trump’s need for all flattering media all the time is why he calls any press that is critical of him “fake news.” It is also why this president blacks out press briefings, only gives interviews to friendly media outlets like Fox News and doesn’t hold press conferences.

The fake Time covers are a symptom of much deeper pathology that defines Donald Trump’s adversarial and oppressive relationship towards the free press.