Obama Gets Delicious Revenge As Fox News Poll Shows Soaring Support For Obamacare

Fox News has spent years demonizing Obamacare, but President Obama is finally getting his revenge as a new poll shows support for Obamacare has grown by 11 points in the last year.

Here is the poll:

Not only has support grown for the ACA by 14 points since 2015, but disapproval of the law has fallen by 12 points. In contrast, the Republican Obamacare replacement bill is even less popular than the ACA was at its lowest point. The Republican health care bill has a favorable rating of 27% and an unfavorable rating of 54%. At no point in the last two years has Obamacare been as unpopular as Trumpcare is today.

During a speech in September 2013, Obama predicted the problem that Republicans would have if they tried to repeal the law, “Just the other day, one Republican in Congress said we need to shut this thing down before the marketplaces open, and people get to see that they’ll be getting coverage and getting these subsidies because — and I’m going to quote him here — he said, ‘It’s going to prove almost impossible to undo Obamacare.’ Right? So in other words, we’ve got to shut this thing down before people find out that they like it.”

Obama took the conspiracy theories, baseless criticism, and insults from the right because he knew. The former president knew that people would like and come to depend on the protection that the ACA provides. He knew that people would like having health insurance.

Republicans attempted scare tactics, lies, destabilizing the insurance markets at the state level. They did everything they could to try to make people hate Obamacare, and to a degree, it worked. Republicans really hate the ACA. The problem is that it didn’t work on non-Republicans.

Barack Obama is finally getting some sweet revenge as Republicans as his signature presidential accomplishment is more popular than ever as Republicans are destroying their political futures by trying to repeal a law that may be destined to stay.