Rachel Maddow Explosively Exposes How Republicans Are Trying To Stop The FBI Russia Investigation

Rachel Maddow exposed how Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are trying to stop the FBI’s investigation into Trump collusion with Russia through an effort to discredit the purpose of the investigation.

Maddow said, “In terms of their own work on the Judiciary Committee where they are supposed to be investigating obstruction of justice, we’re now seeing Republicans on that committee kind of go after the investigation itself in a way that has really been picked up on, in a way that hasn’t been widely reported today. It’s happening in plain sight.”

She explained that Republicans on the committee are requesting all of the information and requests that the FBI made for warrants related to the investigation and said, “These Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are now asking about why you started that investigation what you have, what you submitted to the court, how you got your warrants? What they appear to be up to is trying to discredit the FBI for having started this investigation at all. What they are implying is that the whole FBI investigation all stemmed from that dossier of allegations against Trump and his campaign that one that was published in Buzzfeed in January, the Christopher Steele dossier. They’re saying implicitly that dossier of materials in unproven and suspect and that that’s what the FBI’s whole investigation is based on, and therefore, it’s nonsense.”

Rachel Maddow concluded by warning that Senate Republicans are trying to take apart the FBI for having done these investigations at all. Maddow said, “Head’s up on that. They are trying to stop this thing in its tracks before it comes to its conclusion.

Here is the letter from the Judiciary Committee Republicans to the FBI:

Republicans are trying to kill this investigation, which makes them complicit in any crimes that were committed by Trump and his campaign. This is why Republicans didn’t want a special counsel or an independent investigation. Republicans may not have committed the crime, but they are knee deep in the cover-up.