Republicans Die A Death of 1,000 Obamacare Lies As Just 12% Support GOP Healthcare Bill

A new USA Today/Suffolk University Poll has found that just 12% of Americans support any of the Republican health care bills proving that Trumpcare has turned into a raging inferno that is burning down the Republican Party.

USA Today has the data on their poll, “Just 12% of Americans support the Senate Republican health care plan, a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds, amid a roiling debate over whether the GOP will deliver on its signature promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. In the survey, taken Saturday through Tuesday, a 53% majority say Congress should either leave the law known as Obamacare alone or work to fix its problems while keeping its framework intact.”

Republicans are snared in a trap of their own making as nearly 80% of Republicans want Obamacare repealed, but these same people don’t want to lose the benefits that come from the Affordable Care Act. Republicans successfully sold Obamacare as a great evil to members of their own party, but the problem is that people like much of what the ACA does.

It has turned out to be impossible for Republicans to deliver on both their promise to totally repeal Obamacare and keep all the provisions that people like and need. One can’t totally repeal Obamacare while also keeping Obamacare.

Years of lies have come back to haunt the GOP. A majority of Americans want them to leave Obamacare alone, and if they mess with the ACA, Republicans will please their shrinking base, but they will lose a country.