Trump Flips Out At Secret Illegal Fundraiser And Rants About Media Conspiracy Against Him

Trump kept the media out of his secret illegal reelection fundraiser but details of his comments are being leaked to the press, and they paint the picture of a ranting and unhinged president who is painting himself as a victim of an unfair media conspiracy.

Here is what is leaking out:

It isn’t just one person in the room who blabbed to the media, but two. Trump sounds completely out of his gourd, and his main argument for reelection to donors appears to be that his administration is a dumpster fire, Nancy Pelosi should stay in leadership, the media is unfair and conspiring against him, and Jon Ossoff spent a lot of money and lost.

None of those points are good reasons for his reelection, but none of these donors care. They are buying access to a president who is definitely for sale. Trump is previewing his 2020 argument, and it looks like he isn’t going to be running against Democrats, but against the media, that is “unfair” to him. If Trump makes it to 2020, this looks like it may not end well for Republicans.