Mika Brzezinski Gets The Perfect Revenge On Trump After His Personal Attack On Her

Mika Brzezinski got the perfect revenge on Donald Trump, as her reply to the President is twice as popular as his personal attack on her.

Brzezinski tweeted:

The best revenge isn’t the reference to Trump’s baby hands, although that’s good. The best revenge is that her one tweet got 24,000 retweets and 75,000 likes, which is more than either one of Trump’s tweets:

It is safe to say that many of Trump’s fans liked and retweeted both tweets. This means that Brzezinski has nearly twice as much support as Trump. The President and his White House like to brag about his online following, but the reality is that as Trump continues to fail as president, his online following is also getting weaker.

Mika Brzezinski got the best revenge imaginable on Trump. She kicked him square in the ego and revealed that Trump isn’t even as popular on Twitter as he used to be. Trump is a troll with a shrinking army whose losing in politics is being echoed on social media.