Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Defense Of Trump’s Mika Tweets Is A Repulsive New Low

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took the Trump road of responding to reporters about the President’s deranged tweets attacking MSNBC TV host Mika Brzezinski by whining about why the press wasn’t outraged about Mika’s behavior.

Sanders went with “he fights fire with fire”, claimed Trump shows where he draws the dignity line every day, and finished off the victimization narrative with, “Why are you guys always asking us if Trump’s behavior is okay and not outraged about Mika’s?”

Sanders put the cherry on the self pity with, “The only person I see a war on is this president and everybody that works for him.”

Watch the war bit here:

No one but Trump made this an attack on a woman. It is still an attack on a woman, and a sexist one at that.

Nice try, but Donald Trump wanted this job and being a role model is part of it.

No one is talking about anything but Trump’s bad behavior because Trump seems to make it his mission to behave inappropriately every single day. It is not the media’s job to look the other way as the authoritarian-leaning, aspiring dictator lobs vicious personal attacks against members of the press on a public platform.

That’s a ‘no’ for does this White House understand that the power they are abusing on a minute to minute basis also comes with any responsibility.

The message being sent to Trump’s base is a dangerous one. The message is that Donald Trump et al are not only not responsible for their behavior, but are victims of other people. The message is that Donald Trump and his administration are the real victims.

The President of the United States thinks he is a victim because a TV host mentioned his fake Time magazine covers, when the real victims are all of the people Trump is going to throw off of Medicaid and affordable health insurance.

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