24 States Have Defied Trump And Are Refusing His Request For Voter Information

Twenty-four states have defied Trump’s request for sensitive voter information data, as they are refusing to turn over personal information to the unstable president.

Ari Berman of The Nation has the updated listed:

The Secretary of State in Mississippi told Trump to go jump in the Gulf of Mexico. The home state of the man leading Trump’s voter suppression charge, Kansas Sec. of State Kris Kobach turned down his request for voter data. The panel which was born out of Trump’s false belief that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote because of people voting illegally has turned into another black eye and a complete fiasco for this White House.

The smart thing to do would be for the White House to quietly announce over the holiday weekend that they are putting the commission on hold for the time being, and then never speak of it again. Since this is the Trump administration, they will probably attack the states that refuse to turn over the voter data, and claim that since Trump is president, he can do whatever he wants.

It’s ironic that just days before America’s Independence Day holiday, the states are celebrating their independence by defying a request from a president who is becoming more like King George III with each passing day of his presidency.

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