Joe Scarborough Busts Trump On A Major Lie And Has The Text And Phone Records To Prove It

Joe Scarborough has busted Donald Trump in a major lie, and this is important because the Morning Joe host says he has got the proof that the President is a liar.

In response to Trump claiming that Joe Scarborough begged him to pull a National Enquirer story, the Morning Joe host leveled Trump by claiming that he has text and phone records:

Trump is completely out of control, and his claim that Scarborough begged him to pull a story was another in a long series of easily disproven lies. Trump claimed that millions of people attended his inauguration. Trump claimed that he had tapes of James Comey. Trump claimed Obama spied on him, and now Trump claimed that Joe Scarborough begged him to kill a story.

Each of these self-serving Trump lies has done damage to the presidency. The reason why it is important that Scarborough has evidence is that he can provide physical proof if needed that the President Of The United States is a liar. Since the White House now claims that Trump’s tweets are official statements, the President is now lying to the American people via his official remarks on social media.

The tables have been turned. The President who claimed he had tapes is now confronted with proof of his lies.

When the president lies about anything, it matters. When the president gets caught in a lie, and there is physical evidence that he is not telling the truth, it a moment that damages the institutional leadership of the nation.

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