Mika Brzezinski Humiliates Trump By Releasing Details Of How He Begged Her During A Meeting

Mika Brzezinski humiliated Trump and destroyed the image that the paper tiger president likes to project by sharing a story about how the President begged her for the name of her doctor during a meeting at his private club.

Vanity Fair reported:

“I said, ‘Guys! What did he tweet?’ Willie showed me, and I started laughing, and said, ‘Shit. I kind of wanted to keep that to myself,’” she said, referring to the procedure she had undergone to tighten the skin under her neck. “I had a turkey neck. My mom told me to get it done,” she explained. “I was FaceTiming all my friends, telling them to get it done, that it wasn’t so bad.”

She said that she had told Melania Trump about the procedure when the couple stopped by Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve. “The irony of it all is that Donald kept saying, ‘That’s incredible. You can’t even tell. Who did it? Who did it?’ He kept asking for the name of the doctor. He literally asked 10 times. ‘Is he down here? Who is he?’” Scarborough recalled. (A spokesman from the White House declined to comment.)

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It is a safe guess that Trump wasn’t so persistent about getting the doctor’s info because he wanted it for Melania. Donald Trump shouldn’t be criticizing anybody’s looks because he has had plenty of work done. Ask anyone who has ever made a living in front of a camera, and they will tell you that getting something done is virtually a requirement of the jobs. Politicians get cosmetic surgery, on camera people in the news business, actors, and television stars all have procedures. One look at Trump shows even the untrained eye a man who has something, most likely many somethings done.

The idea of the President Of The United States begging for the name of a doctor because he is so shallow that he wanted something done too reveals just how unfit this man is to lead the country. Donald Trump is more Michael Jackson than Ronald Reagan, more mean girl than action hero, and more convict than president.

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