Trump Just Screwed Up And Admitted A Psychotic Abuse Of Power Against MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Trump has now issued an official statement confirming that he did try to blackmail MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts with an article in The National Enquirer, as the president is mentally breaking down in 140 characters or less.

Scarborough and Brzezinski told the story of how Trump planned to get even with them through an article in The National Enquirer unless they begged him to kill the story. They say they refused, so you get three guesses what Donald Trump tweeted:

Trump’s tweets should never be viewed as rational, logical, or sane, but they are always projections, defenses, and veiled admissions. The MSNBC hosts claimed that Trump still watches their show, so Trump had to tweet that he watched today for the first time “in a long time.” Trump then claimed that Scarborough called him to stop a National Enquirer article, which is what the Brzezinski and Scarborough wrote that the White House wanted them to do, but Trump changed the story so that they did call him and the all powerful Trump said no.

Two important questions come to mind. What is the President or President-elect doing wasting his time on National Enquirer stories? Secondly, why would Scarborough call Trump to kill a story unless Trump himself planted it, and set up the scheme to publish it?

Whether Scarborough called him or not, Trump admitted that he was behind the story. His admission is confirmation of what the Morning Joe hosts wrote.

Trump just confirmed that he is not well, and he is abusing the power of his position to get even with people for saying things that he doesn’t like.

This isn’t breaking news to anyone, but the man who is running the US government is sounding and acting like a psycho.