Hillary Clinton Brilliantly Trolls GOP On Twitter By Telling Them To Enact Her Health Care Plan

Desperate to distract from their failing effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Party took to Twitter on Wednesday to attack Hillary Clinton and sarcastically ask her to come up with her own health care plan.

Unfortunately for them, Clinton shot back quickly, directing them to take a look at the detailed health care plan she put forward during the campaign, a proposal that would preserve Obamacare but improve on it.

She even gave them permission to “run with” the plan, since the unpopular bill they’re currently trying to pass would be devastating for millions of Americans.


Clinton’s response came after the Republican Party posted a video on social media, asking Clinton, “Where’s your plan?”

The fact that Republicans think they could pull one past the former Secretary of State on a complicated policy issue like health care shows just how lost they are in their effort to kick more than 20 million Americans off their health insurance.

Not only is the former Democratic nominee one of the most knowledgeable political figures around, but health care has been one of her pet issues for decades.

Still, despite the fact that Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million ballots in 2016, the American people know the government is under complete Republican control. They want to know what their plans are, not see them launch desperate attacks on Clinton.

The GOP may not have a clue about what they’re doing when it comes to health care, but Hillary Clinton showed on Wednesday that she has no problem handing over her health care proposal for the good of the country.

Your move, Republicans.