The Republican Party Is Blaming Hillary Clinton For Their Failing Healthcare Bill

Republicans are trying to distract people from hating their healthcare bill by blaming Hillary Clinton.

The official Republican Party Twitter account apparently wants Hillary Clinton to fix Obamacare:

There are three things that the Republican Party appears not to realize:

1). Hillary Clinton is not the president, that would be your guy, Trump.

2). The 2016 presidential campaign is over. It is time for you to put on your big boy pants and govern.

3). The healthcare bill is a problem that you created. Trying to blame Hillary Clinton for your problems isn’t going to work.

There is devoid of ideas, and then there is what the Republican Party is doing. Republicans are pretending like the 2016 campaign never ended, and that they can be politically successful by running against Clinton. The problem is that Hillary Clinton is a private citizen who has nothing to do with public policy. Clinton didn’t have to propose a fix to Obamacare because she isn’t the president.

You know who is the president and hasn’t made a single health care policy proposal? Donald Trump?

Republicans allowed Trump to make many absurd promises on healthcare, and now that they are trying to pass a bill that does the opposite of what Trump suggested, they are blaming Hillary Clinton.

If Republicans pass their healthcare bill, the American people will know exactly who to blame, and you can be 100% certain that they won’t be blaming Hillary Clinton.

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