Trump Humiliated As Nearly Every State Refuses To Give Him All Or Part Of Their Voter Data

Trump’s voter fraud commission has fallen flat on its face as nearly every state in the country has refused to turn over voter data to the White House.

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The Washington Post reported, “In a rare display of bipartisanship, officials in nearly every state have said they will partially or fully refuse to comply with President Trump’s voting commission, which has encountered criticism and opposition after issuing a sweeping request for voter data nationwide. Even as some of the resistance centers on Trump and members of his commission, the broader responses from the states indicate a strong and widespread belief that local officials should be managing elections and that the White House’s request for volumes of information went too far.”

There was near universal agreement from the states that what Trump asked for was either unconstitutional or a violation of state law. It is not surprising that this White House would not bother to check state law or have their request reviewed to make sure that what they asked for from the states was actually legal.

The vast majority of states were not going to be so reckless as to turn over the sensitive personal information of their voters to the White House whose motives were suspect. Trump tried to go beyond asking for standard voter information, which is why he was correctly shot down.

This president has suffered another humiliation as the checks and balances that limit executive power remain alive and well, and will not let Donald Trump act like a king.

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