Trump Supporters Go Nuts And Scream Liberal Bias After NPR Tweets The Declaration Of Independence

Here is the proof that Trump’s toxic media attacks are harming the country. After NPR had tweeted the Declaration of Independence, Republicans went bonkers and claimed that one of the most famous political documents in the history of the world was a liberally biased attack on Trump.

NPR read the Declaration of Independence aloud to mark the 4th of July by tweeting out the famous document that outlined the principles behind our freedoms:

Trump supporters didn’t know what the Declaration of Independence was, but saw clear liberal bias against Trump in the words of Thomas Jefferson and NPR’s tweets:

The Declaration of Independence was biased propaganda:

NPR was accused of calling for violence while sounding patriotic:

The Declaration of Independence was also called trash by Trump supporters:

Trump has expanded on a Republican paranoia about the media that dates back to Barry Goldwater, and was weaponized for profit by Fox News, and turned into a complete distrust of everything any non-conservative outlet utters, including a word for word tweeting of the Declaration of Independence.

There is a great deal of talk about why the two parties can’t work together, but the main reason why bipartisanship is nearly impossible on a large scale is that Republicans are living in a world that is unhinged from everyone else. When people are capable of viewing the Declaration of Independence as an attack on Trump, the problem goes much deeper than the potential ignorance of the supporters of this President.

When the Declaration of Independence is viewed as “propaganda,” a segment of the US population has lost all touch with reality, and represent a potential danger to democratic institutions.