Nikki Haley Whines And Blames North Korea For Having To Do Her Job As UN Ambassador

If there’s one thing conservatives really understand these days, it’s how to whine about having to work. At all. And getting taxpayer funded health insurance while working to take affordable insurance away from the people who pay you.

So it’s not a surprise that Donald Trump’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley whined about working on July 4th on Twitter, going so far as to apparently jokingly add thanks to North Korea. Because nothing says ha-ha to a Trump official like North Korea state media bragging about intercontinental ballistic missiles reaching the US mainland.

People were not amused. From pointing out that the troops work on holidays to the fact that July 4th is not an international holiday to wondering why so many Trump administration officials whine about doing their jobs, it got real.

A quick basic job description from the article Jason Leopold pointed to:

The U.S. mission to the United Nations was formally established on April 28, 1947. The United States has its own representative with the title of ambassador. An ambassador is a diplomatic official accredited to a foreign country or government, or in the case of the United Nations, an international organization, to serve as the official representative of his or her own country.
What does the United States ambassador to the United Nations do?

Simply put, U.S. ambassadors to the United Nations — or “permanent representatives,” as they are called — represent U.S. interests. The No. 1 duty is to keep the U.S. State Department informed of events at the United Nations. The ambassador then makes recommendations to the State Department and the president as to what course of action the United States should pursue.

And finally:

North Korea spent our Independence Day celebrating the launch of Pyongyang’s first intercontinental ballistic missile, which state media said was powerful enough to reach the US mainland.

Naturally, a “diplomat” would react to this ongoing escalation by making a really bad “joke” on Twitter, and showing how butt hurt they are to be working on July 4th, which was the point for North Korea.

Trump’s undignified and mean use of Twitter is trickling down. Now our UN Ambassador is complaining about working on Independence Day, in public, while making light of an escalating situation. In case anyone is wondering, this is not normal, it’s not how dignified officials behave in public, and it should be embarrassing.

But of course, there is nothing that embarrasses conservatives anymore. Whining about working while justifying Trump giving our national security secrets to Russia is what they do.