Putin And The Russians Look Delighted To Be Meeting With Their Trump Puppet


The Russians could barely hide their joy and were all smiles as Putin met Trump at the G20.

Here are Putin and the Russians looking really happy at the meeting:


Who knows what classified information or state secrets, Trump just blurted out when he saw Putin? Did he thank Putin for all of the help in 2016? Perhaps, the Russians were laughing because Trump really believes that they may not have been behind the 2016 election hacking?

It was clear who was in charge of this meeting, as Trump was clearly overwhelmed:

Trump looked exhausted and did not try one of his power game handshakes on Putin. The Russians looked very happy, while Trump played the part of the junior partner or conspirator as the evidence may someday show. If there was enough doubt raised about the Trump/Russia relationship, this meeting where the Russians can barely hide their giddiness of the weak US president made what has long been suspected obvious.

Donald Trump lacks the willingness, desire, and skill to stand up to Putin.