White House Officials Just Confirmed That Trump Made Himself Look Insane At The G20


President Trump is using the G20 leaders summit in Hamburg, Germany to try out more of his fake news stories. Friday morning, Trump claimed that everyone at the summit was talking about Podesta and the DNC server… but Trump’s aides say they have no idea what he’s talking about.

Join the club, Trump aides. Most of us often have no idea what the President is talking about.

“Trump: ‘Everyone; at #G20 is talking about Podesta Trump aides: ‘I have no idea what he’s talking about'”, Colin Jones wrote above this Daily Beast quote from Trump aides.


Yes, this tweet is pure Trump. That is to say, it got the facts wrong about Podesta, who was not working for the DNC at the time of the hacking, there are serious issues to be discussed at the G20 and it seems dubious anyone else there would be so vapid and ignorant as to be focusing on a non-issue from last summer, except of course our President who can’t see outside of himself.

The Trump cherry is that Trump’s own aides have no clue what he’s talking about, and yes, it was Trump who brought it up. Others nodded politely or ignored him all together, according to officials who spoke with The Daily Beast anonymously.

“The tweet baffled White House aides on the trip. ‘I have no idea what he’s talking about,’ one messaged The Daily Beast.”

And… “According to those present, the only world leader at the summit who was actively bringing up Podesta and ‘the DNC server’ was the U.S. president.

“‘Trump himself brought it up’ randomly in person while talking to staff, a senior official on the trip told The Daily Beast. Puzzled advisers nodded politely or ignored him as the president went down the rabbit hole of a controversy—his campaign’s potential involvement in or knowledge of Russian government hacking of email accounts owned by Podesta and the DNC—that has dogged the new administration since day one.”

That’s our President – using the G20 to peddle conspiracy theories about things that never happened to people who don’t care.