Maxine Waters Slams Unpatriotic GOP For Not Standing Up To Putin Puppet Trump

Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters obliterated her Republican colleagues on Saturday, saying their refusal to stand up to Donald Trump as he cozies up to Vladimir Putin is unpatriotic and cowardly.

Waters said Democrats are the “real patriots” by standing up to Trump for his troubling behavior toward the Russians, while Republicans “don’t have the guts” to do the same.


In true Maxine Waters fashion, the Democratic representative tore into the GOP and essentially told them to stop calling themselves patriots until they stand up to the Putin puppet in the White House:

These Republicans who think they’re more patriotic than anybody else, that somehow they wave the flag better. We’re the real patriots. We’re standing up for this country. I hate to say it, but I think they are frightened, they’re afraid, they don’t have the guts to stand up to him. They are allowing him to walk all over them because they think that somehow he can come into their districts and that he can get the people organized against them in the vote in ’18. Well, the people sent them to the Congress of the United States to represent them, not to be afraid of a president who’s looking more like a dictator than a president. So I’m questioning the patriotism of all of those Republicans who are allowing this president to side with Putin, to wrap his arms around Putin and let Putin say, “No, I didn’t do it, and you don’t have any proof that I did it. So, forget about it, let’s move on.”

As Waters noted in her epic takedown, the Republican Party has long tried to wrap themselves in the flag and claim they are the party of patriotism. Now, when it matters most, they have suddenly decided that putting country first isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Instead, they’ve decided to look away and keep their mouths shut in hopes that Trump will help them achieve a set of goals they’ve been working toward for a long time: massive tax cuts for the rich, dismantling health care for millions of Americans, and rolling back regulations meant to protect the environment, among other things.

But, as Waters correctly pointed out, since the Republican Party won’t stand up for America as Trump gives away the store to the Russians, they should stop calling themselves patriots.

Nobody truly believes that anymore.