Opinion: Trumps Preferred Weapon of Mass Destruction is Fox News

The greatest trick the devil ever performed was to convince the world that he did not exist. However he was unable to carry out this illusion alone. Donald Trump has figured this out and enlisted his very own shepherd to spread his malevolent message. Fox News and it’s resident dolt, Sean Hannity, play the part of messenger of misinformation and political distortion.

There are three vital elements of a successful con game. One, is, of course, the initiator, in this case, Trump himself. Two is a gullible target, this being a large section of American voters. To perform the illusion of forthcoming prosperity, there is one final piece. Every con game requires a corroborator. This is the person who wins three straight hands in a card game, testifies to the structure of the Ponzi scheme, or sings the praises of the crooked preacher.

Donald Trump is our con man, we are his foils, and Fox News is his corroborator. Donald Trump needs constant public approval and adoration. However, his political agenda and lack of results make it impossible for common sense to embrace his presidency. Donald Trump’s intentions and modus operandi replete with ignorance, stupidity and a racist foundation are not hard to condemn. He has however embarked on a mission to muddy the waters of discovery and perception by attacking all media outlets that report on his shortcomings. If you are a media outlet and your journalists share a disparaging view of Donald Trump and his unqualified, ineffective administration, then you are labeled as FAKE NEWS.

Look no further than a recent and very significant story, relevant to the security of America, for an example of transparent complicity resulting in an appearance of monumental stupidity. Russia intefered with our election process. That is a FACT. Barack Obama did not do enough to stop it from happening. That is also a FACT. However, Obama did invoke sanctions against Russia for their attempt to short circuit our democracy. This too is a FACT. Donald Trump and Fox News have aggressively attempted to deny that there was any interference in our elections at all. A curious stance considering the proliferation of facts and Trump’s previous insistence that the election was rigged. After months and months of ridiculous denials, character assassination of our intelligence community their position now is “yes it happened, but it was Obama’s fault.” Of course, this lunacy doesn’t take into account the sanctions placed on Russia by Obama, Trumps efforts to lift those sanctions days into his presidency or his lack of action since to ensure a repeat of interference won’t occur. No mention of that. Just the usual GOP inspired nonsense of whataboutism centered on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Perpetrated by Trump and legitimized by Fox News.

What Trump and Fox News have been able to do is circumvent intelligence and independent thinking by repeating the same lie of fake news over and over again. Psychologists call this real and factual condition the “illusory effect.” Regardless of prior knowledge, if the same falsehood is repeated again and again people start to believe it. It’s the power of suggestion. Donald Trump and Fox News have literally lied so much that people have been duped into parroting their lies and insane defenses of his inadequacy, with whataboutism and claims of fake news. So when people say Trump supporters resemble a cult they are in reality, not far from the truth.

We must arm ourselves with independent thought and common sense to fight against the proliferation of propaganda. We must RESIST.