Donald Trump Jr. Hires A Criminal Defense Lawyer As Russia Scandal Closes In On Trump

Donald Trump Jr. has lawyered up, as a meeting that the White House tried to call nothing on Sunday has quickly mushroomed into a need for a criminal defense lawyer on Monday.

Reuters reported, “Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, has hired New York lawyer Alan Futerfas to represent him in connection with Russia-related investigations, the lawyer and Trump Jr.’s office said on Monday. Futerfas, a sole practitioner who specializes in criminal defense, would not say when he was retained or whether he had any input into the statements Trump Jr. made over the weekend about a meeting with a Russian lawyer.”

Legal experts have warned that Trump Jr. potentially violated federal laws and could be facing prison time if he is charged and convicted.

Every day, the White House tries to call the Russia scandal nothing and distract from it with a variety of tactics, but each day brings new revelations in a continuous drip of information that brings the investigation closer to this president.

Trump’s own son has hired a criminal defense attorney. If Chelsea Clinton had done the same, cable news would go wall to wall with the story, and Republicans would be demanding Hillary Clinton disqualification as a candidate or removal from office.

Republicans have been trying to seal off the Russia scandal from the rest of their agenda, but it is always there and looming in the background. The Russia scandal is coming for this president, and there may not be anything that the Republican party can do to stop it.

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