The Top Senate Intel Democrat Just Dropped The Hammer And Sunk Trump In 20 Seconds

Senate Intelligence Committee ranking member Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) needed less than a minute to explain despite Trump’s denials; the Russia scandal is slowly sinking this president.


It was the final 20 seconds of Warner’s comments that explained why the Russia scandal keeps following Trump.

Sen. Warner (D-VA) said, “For a campaign and now a president who continues to say there’s no there-there, yet, virtually every week or two there’s more stories of meetings undisclosed meetings with Russian officials that beg the question if there’s no there-there, why aren’t more of these people coming clean in a more regular fashion?”

Warner was correct. If there were really nothing to the Russia scandal, the Trump administration would have had everyone come forward immediately. They would cooperate with the investigations, and they would stop defending Russia’s attack on the 2016 election. There is something there. The fact that more information comes out each week is why the investigations must continue. The more the White House denies, the bigger the scandal gets.

The more Trump fights against the choppy sea. The closer he gets to going under.

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