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Trump Implodes And Admits That He Gave America Away While Ivanka Kept His Seat Warm

In a series of disjointed tweets, Trump tried to defend his daughter Ivanka taking his seat at the G 20, but he also admitted that he gave America away to Putin.

Trump tweeted:

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Trump admitted that he was off giving away the United States of America to Putin was Ivanka kept his seat warm. Trump supporters like to claim that social media is how Trump communicates with his supporters, but every once in a while, truth leaks out in 140 characters or less.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t need her daughter to act as her minder, so that she doesn’t wander off, so Chelsea Clinton would never be sitting in the meetings next to her mom at the G 20. The big point that Trump intentionally missed is that while leaders do sometimes step out, these seats are filled by senior government officials, not the unpaid daughter of the president.

Ivanka Trump is not a government official. She does not work for the United States government. There is no way that she should have taken over her father’s seat at the G 20. What Trump is doing is sabotaging the structure of the Executive Branch of the government, and substituting nepotism.

Donald Trump knows that he is giving away the United States, and what is even worse is that he doesn’t care. Trump isn’t just a sucker. He is selling out the United States for personal gain, as he undermines the structure of our government to turn the presidency into a part of the family business.

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