Trump White House Coordinating With White Nationalists To Defend Donald Trump Jr.

A source from within the White House told the media that they are coordinating with the alt-right to defend Donald Trump Jr.

Jonathan Swan of Axios tweeted:

Jonathan Greenblatt CEO of the Anti-Defamation League explained why this report is disturbing:

Trump Jr. has a long history of courting white supremacists and the alt right, so it is not shocking in the least that they would come running to his defense. It is also not surprising that the same White House that left Jewish people out of the Holocaust Remembrance Day statement would be infiltrated with white supremacists.

Trump riled up his supporters by playing to racism and bigotry throughout the presidential campaign, and those attitudes are shared by people who work in his White House and have been turned into policies like the Muslim ban.

The mainstream press does not talk enough about who this president is, and what he really stands for. The racists are in the White House, and they are coordinating with groups on the outside to try to bury the Russia scandal.

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