Adam Schiff Drops A Bomb That Changes Russia Scandal By Suggesting Potential Collusion Evidence

During an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with an advocate from the Kremlin to get dirt on Hillary Clinton is potential evidence of Trump/Russia collusion.


The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee was asked if this was evidence of collusion.

Schiff answered, “Well, certainly if the Trump campaign went to a meeting with the Russians seeking to enlist or receive the help of the Russian government in getting damaging information that would be a potential form of collusion that they are going to coordinate with the Russians the receipt, the dissemination of damaging information. Again, this is still in the category of allegation that needs to be investigated, but here we have very direct potential evidence of the Russians communicating with the campaign. We have stuff on the Hillary Clinton campaign. We want to help your father get elected, so yes, that’s potential evidence.”

Rep. Schiff was asked if the meeting was illegal, and said that it very well could be illegal because if they were soliciting or receiving an in-kind contribution from a foreign government that would violate any number of laws.

Words like smoking gun are starting to be thrown around in reference to Trump Jr’s meeting with Russia. There is a picture taking shape of who in the Trump campaign interacted with Russia and what they were after. The only piece missing is what the Russians were promised in return for helping Trump. It looks like the Trump campaign made a “deal” with Russia. The reason why the President is trying to kill the investigation is that the Russia scandal doesn’t involve one member of his campaign, but may involve the campaign itself, including the candidate.

The investigation is closing in on this president, and it is only a matter of time until it all falls apart for Donald Trump.