Donald Trump Jr.’s Sean Hannity Interview Was A Complete And Total Disaster For Trump

Donald Trump Jr. sat down with his good friend Sean Hannity and flat out contradicted his own emails with a series of lies that were a total disaster, but you can be sure made President Trump feel better as he sat in jammies and watched from the White House.


Trump Jr. claimed that he didn’t know who the lawyer was that he was meeting with, but she is identified as a Russian government lawyer in his own emails:

Donald Trump Jr. spent the interview lying, acting arrogant, and claiming ignorance. According to son of Trump, he didn’t know who he was meeting, what the meeting was about, or have any idea what was going on. He only took the meeting because someone promised him dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The obvious problem with Don Jr.’s defense is that it is also an admission of guilt. He admitted that he was willing to take an in-kind gift from a foreign government that would benefit his father’s presidential campaign. What Trump did was confess to an illegal act. The only way that the interview could have gone worse would have been if he had stood up and confessed to being guilty on the spot.

Donald Trump Jr. is under the mistaken impression that stupidity is a valid legal defense. Trump knew what he eas doing. He was trying to get information from a Russian to use against Hillary Clinton.

To top the interview off, Trump Jr. even offered to testify/perjure himself under oath.

This whole performance was designed to make Donald Trump Sr. happy. We can expect a tweet about how brilliant Jr. was by 6 Am on Wednesday at the latest, but for the rest of us living in the real world, it is easy to see that Donald Trump Jr. only made things worse for his dad by going on Fox News to lie.