Protesters Hurt Trump’s Feelings So He Postpones UK Visit Until Next Year

Donald Trump is so worried about not being loved in the UK that he has postponed his visit until 2018 because he doesn’t want to face protesters.

The Financial Times reported, “Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK looks set to be postponed until next year, amid reports that the president wants to avoid a visit that could be marred by protests over his being offered the honour. A Downing St spokesman repeated the official line on a state visit – which Theresa May offered President Trump during a visit in January – that the invitation had been offered and accepted and that the two sides were working to set a timetable for a visit. However, another person involved indicated that the planned visit would not now occur until 2018.”

Trump isn’t going to be any more popular in the UK in 2018, so if he thinks that waiting for a year is going to take the heat off, he is badly mistaken.

Never has a president been so sensitive that he can be scared out of visiting a foreign country by the threat of protests. No one was threatening violence or harm. Trump didn’t face any personal danger. People were promising that they would take to the streets to show their displeasure with Trump, and that was all it took to get the thin-skinned president to postpone his visit. If Trump is going to adopt a policy of not visiting countries that he is not popular in, he is going to have to leave the United States and move to Russia.

When confronted with any challenge, Trump’s first instinct is to project weakness. Donald Trump’s character flaws are weakening the global standing of the United States.