Trump’s Day Just Got Even Worse As Calls Grow For A Criminal Investigation

Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY) just made Trump’s problems a lot worse by writing to the FEC and demanding an investigation into whether Trump broke campaign finance and criminal laws by accepting a contribution or a donation from Russia.

Here is Rep. Meng’s letter:

The money is being followed, and the result is that Congress is beginning to ask questions about whether or not Donald Trump broke the law, not by colluding with Russia, because collusion is not illegal, but by accepting in-kind donations from Putin like information on Hillary Clinton.

When it comes to Donald Trump, everything is about money all of the time. The real reason why Trump won’t release his tax returns is that he doesn’t want the American people to see what potential financial relationship that he may have with Russia.

The Trump campaign left a paper trail that in the form of both emails and dollars. Rep. Meng is on the right track. An FEC investigation would reveal that the crime wasn’t in the collusion, but in the product that resulted from the two parties colluding.

Donald Trump’s horrible day just got a whole lot worse.