The Trumps Are Turning On Each Other As Trump’s Own Lawyer Backs Away From Donald Trump Jr.

Instead of defending Donald Trump Jr. releasing his emails, President Trump’s own lawyer Jay Sekulow said that he had nothing to do with it because he represents Donald Trump. In other words, dad’s lawyer just left Trump Jr. to fend for himself.


When Today’s Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie pressed Sekulow on the timing of the release of the emails and transparency, his answer revealed that the White House might be willing to let Donald Trump Jr. take the fall.

Sekulow said, “Number one, the meeting was about the adoption issue, so that was a correct statement, so that’s what the meeting was about…That’s what the meeting was about. Number two, when you say we can release. I represent the President Of The United States. We were not aware of this, obviously the email. We were not aware of the meeting. The President did not attend the meeting and was only made aware of this email. In fact, you know when the President saw this email? When everybody else did.”

Trump’s lawyers are trying to create daylight between the President and his son for the purpose of plausible deniability. What was missing in Sekulow’s answer was a denial that Trump was aware of the meeting or communications of the Russians. Trump’s lawyer says that his legal team was not aware of the meeting, but he doesn’t say that Trump wasn’t aware of any communications with Russia.

Sekulow claimed that the meeting was not illegal, which is true, but it is the product of the meeting and the fact that a communications channel with a hostile foreign power existed that leads to legal consequences.

What is happening here is that the united Trump front is splintering to isolate and save this presidency.

Sekulow defended the innocence of the meeting, but not the emails. Donald Trump Jr. could be thrown under the bus if that is what team Trump thinks it will take to save his presidency.