Malcolm Nance Reminds Trump He’s Under Investigation, Tells WH Staff To Lawyer Up Immediately

As the Trump administration continues to try to move on from the explosive scandal surrounding the president’s ties to Russia, Malcolm Nance reminded the White House that the investigation isn’t going anywhere.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, Nance slammed Trump for not taking it seriously and urged everybody in the White House to get lawyers.


Nance said:

All of these people are going to have to get lawyers. This Mueller investigation is not a joke. And I know there is some reporting right now where Donald Trump does not recognize the seriousness of what is happening right now. This is an FBI national counterintelligence investigation now taken over by a special counsel who will investigate every aspect of this.

As Trump and his administration continue to whistle past the graveyard, each day brings new revelations that put the White House that much closer to complete collapse.

The latest bombshell, of course, is that Donald Trump Jr. knowingly met with a Russian lawyer after being promised Kremlin-backed information that could hurt Hillary Clinton.

That revelation comes after months of reporting that found a flurry of people in Trump’s universe have met with the Russians – Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and  Michael Flynn, to name a few – without appropriately disclosing it, or simply lying about it.

Trump can spend his time hate tweeting journalists or taking credit for former President Barack Obama’s economy, but the Russia scandal continues to hang over the White House and he and his staff would be smart to take it more seriously.

Or, as Nance said on Thursday, lawyer up immediately.